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Joy B

Where words fail, music speaks.

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Non Exclusive Lease
£9.99 - 49.99
Our best deals for beginners
Untagged MP3
Sell up to 3,000 units
Non-Exclusive Rights
Keep 100% Royalties
Instant Delivery
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Premium Lease
£59.99 - 99.99
Great Value
Untagged WAV
Sell up to 12,000 units
Non-Exclusive Rights
Keep 100% Royalties
Instant Delivery
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Exclusive Rights
£1000 - £££££
For serious artists
Fully tracked out high quality WAV stems.
Untagged WAV + Trackout
Unlimited Distribution
Unlimited Projects
Keep 100% Royalties
Instant Delivery
Exclusive Rights
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What are leased beats?

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What file formats do you offer?

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How much are custom beats?

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Do you offer music services?

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Our Services include

* Recording * Mixing and mastering * Jingles and score producing * Custom instrumentals and beats * Songwriting services * Editing and post production * Sound design, Foley & FX * Promotion and Marketing * Distribution, aggregation and publishing * Branding services * Cover Design & Duplication

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Joy B - Translucent

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