A blend between driving rock and sultry blues - Novahound’s goal is to make as much noise as a three piece can possibly make by utilising cataclysmic percussion, infectious grooves and vocal melodies that will burrow themselves into the deep recesses of your mind and never come out again. With three separate noise complaints under their belt, these three teachers from a sleepy Yorkshire town are all about the musical trifecta of slick licks, raging riffs and blistering beats.


Enjoy at your pleasure.


Novahound’s frontman Sam Douglas likes to keep things simple - make it dirty, make it loud and the rest will follow. Drawing influence from across the decades, his riffs are energy driven with heavy blues undertones that compliment his vocals to the highest degree, creating an amalgamation of high octane rock n’ roll.


Ben Wilson provides the low end with a passion for hellacious noise and a growing fascination with the art of sonic crafting.(read nob fiddling) Playing bass since his early teens, his main inspirations have evolved over the years to include bands from the early Heavy Metal era, the Grunge Movement and an eclectic mix of Doom and Psychedelic bands that he finds on Youtube. Wilson’s main goals are to keep the energy high and the bass low enough to leave you wondering exactly how a ferocious, wild animal got lost in the deep reaches of space.


And now- the man no one cares about...

James provides Novahound’s percussive power. After learning drums at an early age, James’ main focus is to provide a rhythm that slips tightly into the sweet, juicy slot between the strummer and the low-end. His open hand grip provides an equal balance of power and presicion: two major factors in providing the ancient and mystical art of Shagong

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